We first met Dominique in March 2014 when the Outland project was in its nascent stages. 30 years ago, Dominique and his wife decided to change their lives and to start a new chapter, in knitting. They began with only one small knitting machine and, passionate by their craft, they gradually modernized their factory. The company has now four employees, and the production is purely artisanal, thus respecting the traditions in Brittany. 

So when we decided to launch our knitwear, we said to ourselves we definitely want to work with Dominique. Together we selected a special pure virgin wool fabric, both soft and strong, warm and breathable, that brings comfort and robustness to our garments. Our knitting process uses all the savoir-faire of the region, paying particular attention to how the clothes fit. The result is durable and comfortable items, both modern and timeless, for long-term use.